Synopsis of Past Sermons from PLT




The first Election Sermon heard in the State House in Helena, Montana, was delivered by Mr. Timothy Ewing, whose great-great-great-great-great grandfather was a patriot pastor in the 1700s, and preached many of the original Election Sermons.Tim began this series by reminding his listeners of the fact that our once-great nation was founded upon the principles for Christian government laid out for us in the pages of Holy Scripture. He took great pains too, to remind us that Jesus Christ is the firm foundation, and that the Truth of His Word, in Christianity are the pillars that support this nation.


Building upon this foundation, Peter Marshall, in the second historic Election sermon delivered at this same State House, again reminded us of our covenant heritage, and that our forefather's coming to this country was a mission to further establish the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. They came, not to only seek refuge from religious persecution, or even in search of religious freedom, but to establish a new nation founded upon God's Law. They sought to do this through the practice of self-government, based upon their Christian faith.


The third Election Sermon delivered before the State House in Helena Montana was preached on January 2nd, by Warren Mark Campbell. In this sermon, Mr. Cambell reminded those in the State House, and leaders everywhere, of their duty before God, and where the power they were given to wield truly originated.They are appointed to 'feed, not fleece', the flock! 


Following the theme of true authority, in the fourth sermon delivered in The State House, Gordan Runyan reminded his listeners, both legislators and otherwise, that all of life is governed by a certain sense of morals. This is not however, a matter of personal, or relative, truth: there is One who has defined morality, and that One is God, through the person of Jesus Christ! His is the only truly authoritative Voice in regards to Truth and Morality, and as Creator God, His authority is inescapable!



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