Another Fifty-Six Good Men!

Well over 200 years ago, laboring under the oppression of a tyrannical British government, 56 good and brave men decided to put their lives on the line, and attest to their God-given freedom by signing the Declaration of Independence!  

Project Liberty Tree has committed itself to another such lofty project, based on the ideals laid out for us in the pages of Scripture and upheld by our Founding Fathers, and the original '56ers'!

This project involves the ordination of one man from every county in Montana to serve as our liason, and to recruit others of like mind and action to assert both their liberties and influence, through peaceful politics, on the office-holders in their county, and through them, of the state!

This will be no easy task, for these men must be willing, like the originals, to sacrifice much to assert our independence! There will be one main officer in each county, but Lord willing, he will find and recruit others to permeate their county with a love and true understanding of liberty, as we find in the Scriptures, and which our fore-fathers founded this nation upon.

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If you are interested in becoming one of the '56ers' or serving your county in a related position, please contact us for more information.





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