ES2006pak.jpgOur American system of law and government grew out of a Christian colonial society where the Word of God was the standard for all of life. Faithful men in the pulpits examined the issues of civil polity in the light of the Bible's teaching on the nature of man, the nature of God and those immutable truths that He built into the creation itself. They understood that freedom under the authority of God carried with it great responsibility. They labored long and hard to teach and train a people to love liberty more than life.

They are indeed "Forgotten Heroes"  but why?  Could it be that we are more interested in material comforts than freedom from coercion, oppressive taxation and the multiplication of draconian laws, rules and regulations? Could it be that we have been willing to sell our children into servitude so that we can live in peace and comfort? Could it be that we have willingly embraced the very style of slavery that they resisted, even unto death? The dedicated service of our "Forgotten Heroes" led to an overthrow of tyranny and the birth of a great and free nation. We believe that it is time to revive this time honored tradition.

We have the 2006 Sermon available in CD and DVD format with a companion booklet and the 2008 and 2010 Election Sermons in DVD format only. These will provide you with a great deal of instruction in not only the style of this type of sermon but a historical grounding from the words of our ancestors, our "Forgotten Heroes."     

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