Election Sermon 2006

Helena, Montana October 13, 2006

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that to secure these rights Governments are instituted among men and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Have you ever wondered how our "founding fathers" developed their ideas about civil liberty and the state?
The learned men that filled the colonial pulpits are the forgotten heroes of our American story. It was they who preached clear Biblical truth and applied it to the subject of civil governance . They taught many of the generations that preceded and included our "founding fathers." Without them there would not have been a unanimous declaration of independence.

We look upon our fractured and deteriorating culture with much sadness. The social and economic costs of the weakening of our social fabric is the subject of much thoughtful analysis and commentary by many decent people from across the political and theological spectrum. Few however have seriously considered the covenantal connections between family, church and civil government much less crafted their approach to this problem in light of these connections. The Biblical system of authority and sphere sovereignty, however, was better understood by our colonial theologians. They made practical applications from this system regarding every area of life, including the civil order. These men laid the foundations for what we know as the American system of representative government. That system of delegated authority and limited powers made possible the amazing prosperity and strength that is the envy of the world.

The political atmosphere of today, however, is like a never ending courtroom battle were the adversarial process pits one side against the other in a life or death struggle. There is a winner and there is a looser and every four years is another round but the tug of war produces little more than larger advertising budgets, and more vicious campaign ads. This process is dreadfully disturbing to many citizens. They not only withhold their vote, they withhold their wisdom and experience.

In reviving the practice of Election Sermons we hope to reach into our forgotten past and re-discover principles and truths that are time-less. We believe that the Election Sermon is an appropriate vehicle by which to bring into the public forum for discussion the truths that were to our forbearers - "self-evident." From there we just may with our collective native genius find ways to apply them to the issues of our present day. Who knows what, peace, prosperity and liberty may flow from that!

 Listen to a few Election Sermon Exerpts

  Radio Ad
This is a radio spot written by Steve Wagner and produced by American Vision. A Christian radio station (YNOP) with FM outlets all over Montana and parts of Wyoming and Idaho carried the ad.
 Our MC for the event was Steve Wagner. Here is a bit of his welcome and introduction.
  Tim Ewing
 Mr. Tim Ewing started out with a teaching from Genesis concerening the "Two Trees" from which all systems of morallity, law and government come. Our only choice is between the way according to a holy God (Tree of Life) or the way according to sinful man. (Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil) He then sets before you the evidence of the Christian foundations of America Government. We will be making this historical event available on CD and in book form soon. Watch for it in our Resource Center.

Watch for the complete Election Sermon 2006 Booklet and CD package. These will be available soon. They will make great gifts for family and church members as well as for your favorite political activist, candidate or office holder.

Anyone who cares about America will benefit by learning from the Election Sermons. 


Invitation to all Montana Elected Officers and Candidates


September 17, 2006

Dear State Officeholder or Candidate,

As one seeking to serve the people in public office or as what the Apostle Paul calls "a minister of God for righteousness", Covenant Community Church cordially invites you to the first modern statehouse election sermon in a in over 150 years.

It is impossible to understand or appreciate the history of our great nation or its founding principles apart from the knowledge of the critical part played by those faithful Christian men who filled the colonial pulpits. They preached clear Biblical truth and applied to the subject of civil governance . Without them there would not have been a unanimous declaration of independence. Nor would there had been the courage and the resolve in the hearts of American militia-men which sustained them in the defense of that "just and holy cause."

Ewing.jpgWe are honored to have Mr. Timothy Ewing (Formerly of Power, Montana) as our guest preacher. Mr. Ewing's (5x) great grand-father, Gad Hitchcock was a patriot pastor of the 1700's and preached many election sermons. Mr. Ewing writes and speaks frequently on the subject of America's Christian heritage.

Candiates and citizens from around the State who are tired of "politics as usual" will gather to hear political wisdom from the Word of God. Biblical principles of civil government not party platforms will grace the text and the desire for godliness not political advantage will be the tone.

Come. Be re-acquainted with the history and heritage of American liberty. Be part of something bigger than mere politics.

May almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, truly bless America again,

Steven J. Wagner

Covenant Community Church

Whitehall, Montana





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