“Each of us is the sole legitimate owner of our own life and destiny, free to act as we wish so long as we use no violence, fraud, or other aggression against others.”
Robert Bauman, The Sovereign Society
  The Duty of the Lower Magistrate in the Face of Tyranny
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Sermon 2014

This year's Election Sermon, the 5th from the Statehouse in Helena, Montana, was delivered by Matt Trewhella pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Pastor Trewhella is the author of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magisrates.
A graduate of Valley Forge Christian College. He & his wife Clara are the parents of 11 children and grandparents to 11.
For the first time in 460 years, we have for our use one of the most important works of the church regarding the duty of the Christian to resist the Tyrant. 

Pastor Trewhella recently published the first English translation of
'The Magdeburg Confession'

May our Great King embolden us in our day with the Spirit of the Men of Magdenburg.

Matt delivered a sermon, entitled 'The Duties of the Lesser Magistrate'

on Sunday, January 4th @ 2pm, in the Capitol Rotunda at Helena, Montana.
Sponsored by:
Covenant Community Church
"a redemptive community"
at Whitehall, Montana
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 Pastor Trewhella spoke at Town Meetings in various cities across Montana  as a part of our One County at a Time Project.



'It's not enough to just know of the Biblical foundations of our law and government; we must practice the biblical doctrines of Christian civil liberty. In this, we obey the command of Christ to love one another.'

  Our Mission

To reacquaint citizens with the Biblical Doctrines of Civil Liberty and the Rights of Man. To then equip and spur them on to an active participation in the propagation of these doctrines in their sphere of influence.

To further this mission we engage in the following:

  • Preach a historic election sermon in Montana's Capitol at Helena on the Sunday prior to the legislative session.
  • Provide educational materials and resources.
  • Assist in the local (county) organization of dedicated Christian Patriots with our "Plan 56" to create a grassroots based reformation.


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